Yusuf Surtee

The board or directors of Oratel Global includes:

Mr. Yusuf Surtee as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yusuf Bhayat as Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Gert Van Eeden as Managing Director. The company is especially proud of the caliber and exceptional skills of its most able leadership team.

Mr. Gert Van Eeden as Managing Director brings his vast industry experience to the company. He obtained a B.Com (Informatics) Post Graduate degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa with majors in Economics, Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Information Systems. Mr. Van Eeden founded Oratel and is an industry veteran of both the Telco and Mining industries. His thorough experience with Oracle Enterprise architecture, gained through continuous involvement since 1995 is crucial to Oratel’s ability to craft solutions that strike a balance between quality and affordability.

Oratel Global Board MemberMr. Van Eeden is committed to the development of solutions for emerging markets, with particular emphasis on the African continent. This commitment is shared across all the members of the Orcom Group and is one of the many reasons for the success of both the company and the group as a whole. 

Oratel Global’s various global-firsts under Mr. Van Eeden’s tenure: Multi-Set-of-Books to Multi-Org architecture migration, wall-to-wall Oracle Warehouse Management and Automation as well as ‘iSpend’, a cost control solution. Mr. Van Eeden’s current subscriptions include a Platinum Oracle Partnership as well as membership of the Institute of Directors (IOD).

Yusuf BhayatOratel Global unfailingly serves its clients with a view to long-term, sustainable relationships based on integrity and knowledge-sharing

Our Values
Oratel Global is committed to providing high-quality services without ever compromising its ethical standards. The company regards itself as ‘partnered’ with its clients, valuing a client’s business as highly as it does its own. It is Oratel Global’s objective to build long-term relationships with its clients, based on integrity and an open channel of communication at all times. The company delivers on its promises and believes mutual trust to be essential to a healthy relationship with its clients. As a member of the Orcom Group, Oratel Global engages in Teaming and Partnering with appropriate business entities to the benefit of all roll players.

The keywords to describe the ethos of the Orcom Group are ‘Professionalism’ and ‘agility’, ensuring that clients have the highest quality, most flexible business solutions possible. These keywords are enthusiastically endorsed by Oratel and are ever-present in the company’s business practices.

In both its internal relationships with its team members and in its relationships with clients, Oratel Global recognizes that business is ultimately in the hands of people and is committed to nurturing interpersonal relationships. In its position on the cutting edge of modern business technology, the company strives for constant improvement.

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